Chief of Staff



October 16, 2022

Job Description

About SecurityScorecard

Funded by world-class investors including Silver Lake Waterman, Moody’s, Sequoia Capital, GV, Riverwood Capital, and others with over $290 million in funding, SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over 12M+ organizations continuously rated. Founded in 2013 by security and risk experts Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy and Sam Kassoumeh, SecurityScorecard’s patented rating technology is used by over 30,000 organizations for enterprise risk management, third-party risk management, board reporting, due diligence, and cyber insurance underwriting. This is done by measuring your and your vendors’ cyber-health by assigning a security rating of “A” through “F” based on outside-in, non-intrusive data. SecurityScorecard continues to make the world a safer place by transforming the way companies understand, improve and communicate cybersecurity risk to their boards, employees, and vendors.

SecurityScorecard is headquartered in NYC with over 500 employees globally. Our culture has helped us be recognized by Inc Magazine as a “Best Workplace,” “Best Places to Work in NYC” by Crain’s NY, and one of the 10 hottest SaaS startups in NY for two years in a row.

The Role

As we shift into the next chapter of our hyper-growth, the Chief of Staff is a high-visibility role who supports both the CEO and his Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to streamline and accelerate the business.  This role will “wear many hats” and require thorough problem-solving across a variety of areas within the company.  You will focus heavily on executive leadership team operations and behind-the-scenes support.  You will translate your analyses into sound, polished findings on a frequent basis.  You will also exercise excellent business judgment as you learn and navigate the executional operations of SecurityScorecard.  

Working cross-functionally will be a part of every day.  This role requires rapid relationship-building skills and attentive listening abilities. You will read people and situations, figure out what needs to happen, and follow-through to ensure objectives are delivered.  

Major themes will be proactivity and being one step ahead of leadership to ensure business needs are anticipated.    

 Key Responsibilities

  • Operating cadence: Develop and implement operating mechanisms to drive alignment, accountability, and coordination across teams.  Set agendas and drive follow-ups arising from weekly executive meetings, bi-weekly senior leadership meetings meetings, quarterly OKR meetings, monthly business reviews, quarterly business reviews, and more
  • Strategic planning: Oversee and coordinate our annual and quarterly strategic and operational planning process.  Work with all members of the leadership team to set, align, and track company-wide OKRs.  Then relentlessly execute measurable, outcome-based progress on key goals, such as “troubleshooting” under-performing areas of the business.    
  • Cross-functional initiatives: Execute on strategic business initiatives from ideation to implementation. Drive short sprints to solve critical issues. Generate new ideas for solutions.  Proactively identify opportunities and remove roadblocks to address.  
  • Communications and data-driven insights: Create board updates, quarterly town hall meetings, pitch decks, employee and other communications on behalf of the CEO and his senior leaders.  Analyze data and produce meaningful metric-driven insights, including about customers.  
  • Processes: Develop and operationalize repeatable, systematized processes.  Work with teams to improve our best practices, create leaner and faster workflows, and identify patterns/trends early and often.

 Key Attributes:

  • Deep understanding of enterprise SaaS: You are very familiar with enterprise SaaS including relevant processes, operations, and key metrics (e.g., Rule of 40, Magic Number, LTV/CAC).  
  • Executive presence and strong communication: You will be constantly interacting with the CEO and his senior leaders.  You have previously worked with CEOs, founders, and senior/executive leadership teams, demonstrating strong written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Leadership: You have a history of leading meetings and driving toward outcomes.  You lead in an effective and efficient way.  You work well with limited guidance and support
  • Solutions-focused with a huge sense of urgency: You are biased toward action, drive toward solutions first, as opposed to pointing out the problems and/or relying on others, and you operate with a huge sense of urgency.
  • Selfless/low ego: you are humble enough to work behind the scenes.  A lot of the job to be done will fall in the category of “somebody has to do it, and I’m somebody.” 
  • Extremely organized – You are known for creating order out of chaos, you consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise; coordination does not phase you.
  • Data driven: you are skilled with reviewing and summarizing research and data sets quickly to present data-driven perspectives