Staff Consultant



October 19, 2022

Job Description





LOCATION: National Capital Region-preferred (85% of the Task Order FTEs are 100% remote at Aeyon facilities)


The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller (OASN (FM&C)) requires strategic guidance, coordination, and accounting advisory support to enable alignment and integration of Navy and USMC audit remediation efforts. This is necessary to achieve the Department of the Navy’s (DON) goals of integrating the United States Marine Corps (USMC) into the DON’s full financial statement audit, achieving a positive audit opinion for the USMC by FY23, and achieving an audit opinion for the DON by FY28.

This position will require candidates to apply technical expertise and skills to implement business solutions for the USMC.

Overall goals of this position:

Candidates will support the provision of strategic guidance and technical assistance in support of USMC Logistics Command (LOGCOM) Working Capital Fund (WCF); USMC Funds Balance with Treasury (FBwT) remediation; and support the review and production of artifacts, schedules, and analysis required to support FY23 financial statement audit testing for the USMC. Additionally, candidates could support the refinement and operationalization of the USMC systems modernization and consolidation strategy to support alignment with the DON’s overall Audit Relevant Systems Consolidation Strategy.

The candidate will support one of two primary levels of effort:

Strategic Guidance:

  1. 1. The candidate will provide strategic guidance and technical assistance to DON leadership for all phases of audit preparation, remediation, and response in support of joint Navy and USMC auditability goals. In the performance of these efforts, the candidate will:
  2. Support the development of a joint Navy and USMC enterprise strategy to achieve financial statement auditability.
  3. Support alignment of USMC efforts to DON strategies and timelines, including the DON Audit Roadmap.
  4. Support strategic communications and coordination of enterprise stakeholders in support of DON integrated audit remediation efforts.
  5. Provide advice and coordination to operationalize OASN (FM&C) audit remediation strategy, including auditability goals, budgetary reform efforts, systems consolidation, data transformation, and workforce initiatives.

Audit Relevant System Consolidation Strategy:

  1. 2. The candidate will support the refinement, alignment, and operationalization of the DON Audit Relevant Systems Consolidation Strategy to successfully integrate USMC and Navy systems consolidation efforts, including:
  2. Provide analysis and advice supporting Navy Working Capital Fund internal control gaps and other improvements and strategic plans.
  3. Monitor, track, and manage timely audit schedules and deliverables.
  4. Assist in reviewing, preparing, and submitting month-end and yearend financial statements to support the accuracy of USSGL entries.
  5. Provide data-driven analysis and advice to support decision-making.
  6. Provide technical assistance supporting Audit Roadmap goals related to Funds Balance with Treasury reconciliation and other key milestones.
  7. Coordinate with key stakeholders, including DFAS, to align Funds Balance with Treasury reconciliation activities and other key milestones to strategic timelines, e.g., Audit Roadmap.
  8. Provide review and production of artifacts, schedules, and analysis required to support FY23 financial statement audit testing.
  9. Produce audit-required white papers and reconciliations. Evaluate the output of the current FBwT reconciliation procedures and determine and execute an auditable path forward.  
  10. Provide technical assistance to improve the FBwT processes and toolsets.

Candidate technical and system experience:

USMC, Navy Working Capital Fund, SABRS, Navy ERP, DFAS, Audit Remediation, Data Analytics, Advana, Jupiter, Data Science, Process Mapping, Policy Development, FBwT, MILPAY, MILPERS, Journal Vouchers, DCAS, Process Cycle Narratives, Unmatched Transactions, Treasury Direct Disbursing, DDRS-B, DAI


Must be either a United States (U.S.) citizen or a U.S. permanent resident with a minimum of 3 years of legal residency in the U.S. (as required by the Deputy Secretary of Defense DTM 08-006 or its subsequent DoD INST) and must have a favorably completed National Agency Check with Written Inquiries (NACI) or T1 investigation equivalent including an FBI fingerprint check before installation access.

It is preferred, although not required before onboarding, that candidates shall possess an Active or Interim Secret Security Clearance. Individuals working on-site at Government Facilities in classified spaces shall maintain an Active or Interim Secret Security Clearance.


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited United States college or university in a field of study relevant to his/her professional role.

Mandatory: Yes

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: (0) Years of experience. Familiarity with DoN processes and procedures preferred.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Candidates will be required to obtain certifications for Active Shooter training, and other required training, including but not limited to DON Chief Information Officer (CIO) Personally Identifiable Information (PII) training.

The implementation and enforcement of Executive Order 14043 are currently suspended under an injunction pending further litigation. Once the litigation concludes, Candidates may be required to be vaccinated to be eligible for employment, except in limited circumstances where an employee is legally entitled to accommodation.

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 two weeks after receiving the second dose in a two-dose series or two weeks after receiving a single-dose vaccine.

If you are entitled to accommodation, please advise your Aeyon liaison, and they will consult our Human Resources Department for consideration.