Skills That Will Get You An IT Job

IT jobs are known to promise long-term job and career growth. There is a wide scope of career opportunities in the IT sector. Information Technology is a part of our daily lives and it plays a vital role in everything- from online shopping to aerospace engineering. Presently, there is a constant demand for employees in the IT sector and people view it as a promising career path.

Which skills would land you a job in IT? A convincing set of power skills is required for you to get a job in the IT industry. While the technical skills may have to be learned and certified, the soft skills, which most employers look for in the employees, could already be present in you.

This blog includes some technical skills and soft skills that will help you land a job in IT.

Technical skills     

Technical Writing

Technical writing involves the writing of technical information that shall be shared in a professional setting. Many times, technical information will have to be shared with clients, co-workers etc. in the simplest and most effective manner possible. For this purpose, complicated technical information will have to be simplified with its whole essence. Therefore, technical writing is favored by most employers as it is crucial in conveying information throughout various processes within and outside the organization. 

Technical writing gets simpler with practice and a certificate in the same would facilitate you in getting an IT job.


Coding is basically the process of communicating with the computer using its language and giving instructions to it to perform particular functions. Coding is a skill that requires a logical approach to problems. Coding has become an important part in the IT sector recently that it is taught in schools from kindergarten to higher secondary students. Every application, website, digital tools etc. works only with effective coding. Most employers in the IT sector favor this skill by a great degree.

Coding requires you to have knowledge in one or more programming languages such a s Java, Python, C, C++ etc.

Knowledge in OS

The OS (Operating System) controls all the software’s and hardware’s of a computer. Knowing how to operate and analyze various operating systems will favor you in IT jobs. This skill is favored by companies that make use of multiple operating systems, or companies that might switch to a different operating system in the future. You can get certified in this skill and add them to your resume to have a higher hand in the selection.

Database management

Data management is a critical first step toward implementing efficient data analysis at scale to your customers and enhancing your bottom line. People across an organization may identify and access credible data for their queries with excellent data management. Database management skills help in increasing the visibility, security and reliability of documents.

Social media management

Understanding how various social media algorithms work and the skill to “manipulate” them to increase the visibility of your company’s content among the users is a very desired skill in employees these days.

Soft skills


The ability to think logically and find solutions to problems through reasoning and analysis has always been an important skill to possess in the industry. In the IT sector, this skill is the most useful for companies who focus on solving problems of the customers at its core and principle.


Communication skill is a great soft skill to have regardless of the job you are applying to. In these digitally enabled times, written communication skill is just as important as speaking skills. You will have to rely on digital tools like email to converse with your boss and co-workers on a daily basis and this is why you should be able to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly through writing. It is a necessary skill to possess all the time.


With so many responsibilities, and goals, organizing skills are what allow you to efficiently use your time, resources and energy to meet your goals and complete your work efficiently. Organizational skills help to organize your digital and physical workspaces, as well as manage, prioritize, and plan all you need to do. They let you keep track of your records and use your potential to the fullest. 

Master the skills you need to, which can also be specific to the role you are applying to, and get the IT job you have always wanted to. Good luck!