Technical Product Manager (Mid-Senior+)



October 17, 2022

Job Description

Canopy is a remote-first Series A startup that adds a keystone technology to the BaaS stack. Canopy’s low-code solution helps fintechs, banks, credit unions, and brands to launch and sustain new financial products. We support installment lending programs, revolving lending programs (credit cards, charge cards, lines of credit), and even more unique customizable programs (such as multi-advance or MCA programs) that make sense for your team’s business model. Check out our documentation at as well as our API Reference at


Working as a Technical Product Manager at Canopy means helping design, track, and implement critical experiments that help drive Canopy forward, and it also means helping organize and facilitate progress on BAU (business-as-usual) work like ad-hoc requests, making sure bugs get solved, and making sure things make it to production.

Your ultimate goal as a TPM is to generate impact and to be proud of how you generate that impact and whom you generate it with.

This is a technical role — you should be able to run our software and experiment with it; while you will not be expected to actively code on the job, you should be able to read and understand our codebase/documentation well enough to do so if you would like. You will need to understand our product well enough to speak about it at multiple levels of complexity.


During any given workday you might spend:

  • 40% of your time communicating with, helping, and asking for help from your team
  • 10% running off the desk experiments
  • 20% designing and driving critical experiments forward
  • 10% driving results for needs
  • 20% doing fun events, working out, taking walks or breaks


Canopy is a values-based business that believes we can have a huge impact, and do it in a way that we all are proud of. We value empathy towards our customers, our teammates, and ourselves. Individuals that have a history of and enthusiasm for radical transparency, and who understand the importance of gratitude and of celebrating every step forward (and the occasional step backward), will do well here. Canopy provides a radically inclusive and supportive environment.

We would like to share some resources that may be helpful for you in the application process.

1. Product Team Ethos — to give you a sense of how the product team functions in Canopy
2. TPM Impact Document — to give you a sense of the kinds of impact you would make in your role.
3. TPM Interview Handbook — we hope that you will find this valuable in prepping for our TPM role as well as others you may be applying to.


Strong history of making sound Product Decisions without perfect information; capturing information along the way, and feeding that information into future decisions. Understanding how to test and design MVP solutions that help build the case for bigger business decisions. Ultimately: understanding how to use data and learnings you collect, combined with intuition and a deep understanding of customer needs to drive the team to carry ideas into robust solutions.

Strong technical competency: emphasis on SQL and Node.js.

Experience with any 1 other modern programming language (GoLang, Python, Haskell etc). The interview process will include one light technical challenge, although we do not test technical skills as holistically for this role as we do for engineering roles. The general rule-of-thumb expectation is for TPMs to be at least as technically strong as an engineer one level junior to them.

History of working Remote

History of achievement and advancement


Space and support to grow

Our comp packages are in the top 90% of startups our size

100% remote

Health, vision and dental package

401k matching

Home office package

Monthly stipend towards your mental/physical wellness

Yearly team offsite somewhere fun

Donation (give-back) budget