Senior Backend Engineer

Job Description

Job Overview:

  • Job Title: Senior Backend Engineer
  • Hiring Company: Fonoa
  • Company Website:
  • Remote Locations: Worldwde
  • Job Type: Remote, Full-Time

At Fonoa, we are transforming how digital-first companies stay tax compliant. We provide simple and modular API solutions that easily integrate into any existing workflow. Through our technology first approach, we reduce manual processes, increase compliance and reduce the cost of operations when transacting and scaling internationally.

We are solving one of the largest yet unsolved problems in global e-commerce. Our tax automation software enables companies such as Uber, Zoom, Lime,, GoStudent, and Teachable to expand their international offerings more quickly and stay tax compliant.

Engineering plays a very central part in the business.

As a company with ambitions to be a world-class API solution for all things tax, we value quality over quantity when building, and we care about creating scalable and maintainable software that our customers and daily users can rely on.

Some pointers about our engineering culture:

  • Engineers are given problems to solve rather than features to build.
  • We always try to understand the customer’s needs before considering implementation details.
  • Engineers are owners of their past, present and future; architecture, tools, coding, testing, deployment, operations and scaling
  • We work in lean, small teams. We co-own the product roadmap with product managers
  • We chose collaboration, compassion and trust over individualism and politics
  • We prefer the innovation, constant iteration and trust over competition and perfect solutions.
  • We support each other, are kind by nature, and give as much feedback to all improve as professionals.
  • We break down complex problems and consistently seek to find the simplest solutions.
  • We take quality seriously and factor it into everything we do.
  • We are comfortable with change, either in priorities, goals and deadlines. We see this more as an opportunity than a hurdle. We are satisfied with challenging the status quo and pushing for change.
  • We seek those looking to make a severe impact and are excited about working in a high-growth startup.
  • We ship fast, continuously, and iteratively, learning each step.
  • We are data-informed. And are ok with finding the data when it’s missing.

Our products

We have a suite of API products that automate tax-related workflows for any internet company. Those products are Lookup, Tax, Invoicing, and Reporting.

We may discover novel customer needs as we learn and spin up new products as required.

Our API docs

For you as an engineer, API documentation is probably an important part when considering a new career move. Thanks to the API docs, you can recognise how API works and how it is structured.

Please, visit our API documentation and learn more about our API endpoints and how to use them –

Our Tech Stack

Fonoa has a suite of API products that automate tax-related workflows for any internet company. Check them out below:

  • For backend, we build in C#, .NET, Node and Go
  • For the frontend, we use ReactJS and Typescript
  • For persistence, we are mainly using MongoDB
  • We use Azure and GCP for our cloud services
  • We manage our infrastructure with Terraform, Kubernetes CRDs, ArgoCD and DataDog.

As an engineer, I follow a product through its lifecycle, from ideation to delivery and support, which gives a lot of exposure to the technology and customer needs. This allows me to learn to improve both myself and the product constantly. – Philip Beel, Engineering Manager.


If you don’t have the whole experience we’re looking for but feel you could be a bit fit and are willing to learn, do apply anyway! We are trying to build a diverse and inclusive team.


We enable companies worldwide to seamlessly handle their taxes when transacting online by providing outstanding products that automate their workflows. To build exceptional products, we are aware that we need great people. We offer a competitive, above-market rate base salary for this position and remain open to a specific range depending on candidates’ experience. Also, we provide attractive equity to keep everyone positively incentivized.

As a remote-first company, we have a distributed team in more than 35 countries worldwide. We’re a company filled with talented, energetic, and motivated people from all backgrounds who bring in their different perspectives to help us on our mission to make taxes simple. Please find out how we live our values and what inspires us to do amazing things together:

Sounds interesting? Please learn more reasons why you should join us.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Learn about how painful it is for companies to handle tax manually, and think about how our systems are changing the status quo
  • Own what you build, with the ability to decide how to build it and the responsibility of operating it in the production environment.
  • Build meaningful products with REST APIs that our customers use and depend on for everyday business (finance, operation, tax and developer teams)
  • Record and collate lots and lots of data sets from all these operations for long-term storage and future insight
  • Use every learning and observation to improve our products, constantly

Job Requirements:

  • You are fully proficient in English. Written and spoken, as we are a bunch from around the world, but we work in English.
  • You have a strong sense of ownership, care about what you build, and build the right thing that serves your customers.
  • You’re a builder at heart; you like the opportunity of having tons of exposure, making things work for a company long term, and having an entrepreneurial attitude for anything that comes your way.
  • You are either eager to learn or comfortable scaling and operating large-scale microservices in high-growth environments.
  • You are proficient in a couple of languages, most of our current codebase is in node.js with Typescript and C#, but we are not married to any tools; we see them as a means to an end
  • You like to keep your house tidy and clean, and you just can’t leave code not covered with a test. Or a feature undelivered. Or dead code rotting in production.
  • You like to use data over opinions to make decisions. And are ok with finding the data yourself when it’s missing.
  • You are comfortable with change, either in priorities, goals and deadlines. You see this more as an opportunity than a hurdle. You are also satisfied with challenging the status quo and pushing for change yourself.

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