Graphics Designer / Illustrator Generalist


October 20, 2022

Job Description

Please view the job listing video here: 


Please combine your (i) Cover Letter (ii) CV (iii) Portfolio into one PDF for submission to with the headline “Designer Application”.


Are you a graphic designer/illustrator who dreams of tackling many mediums, and overseeing a brand’s visual identity? Do you dream of a remote and flexible environment, that empowers you to do your best work? And most importantly, do you love cats? is an e-commerce business owned and managed by Pangolia (9 million monthly readers). We make products that cats love to use, and their parents love to have in their homes. Over the last year Hepper has been on an ambitious growth plan, and we are looking for an equally ambitious graphic designer/illustrator to take our development to the next stage. 

This is an unashamedly broad role. One minute, you’ll be creating a digital illustration for some new packaging; the next, advising our tech team on frontend web design; by lunchtime, knuckling down on some photo manipulation to improve our Amazon listings.


But this is just the “amuse-bouche” of the role. You will eventually play an integral part within the team, working with the Director and the rest of the marketing team on evolving the Hepper brand to better serve its audience in 2023 and beyond. 

If up until now you’ve been constrained by overly-tight design briefs, or felt pigeon-holed into one area of the profession, this location-independent role will afford you new autonomy and growth opportunities into 2023 and beyond. Your creative voice can help bolster how we engage with our audience, human and cat alike. 


Example Objectives:

  • Improve buyer purchasing experience by overhauling packaging design. 

  • Increase conversion rate on product listings with Amazon image manipulation. 

  • Increase audience engagement with unique original illustrations for social media.

  • Lower CPA by advising on frontend website design. 


The below requirements are not fixed, as we’re really hiring for attitude and passion. Even if you don’t feel you quite fit the brief, please apply regardless.

  • Photo manipulation

  • Digital illustration

  • Copywriting in fluent English

  • Basic animations 

  • 1-2+ years experience in creating illustrations and graphics for Amazon (listings, A+, storefront etc.)

  • Technically-able (Canva, Premiere Pro, In-design, Adobe Suite)

  • Highly organized


  • Flexible work hours

  • Work from anywhere (we’re 100% remote)

  • Be given unrivaled insight and the opportunity to accomplish something great

  • Level up with a great, talented and passionate team

  • Work across a number of visual mediums, and (eventually) oversee the entire visual branding strategy

Further Details

You would start off on a part-time paid internship that would act like a 3 month trial period.


After successful completion of the internship, you would be eligible to continue as a full-time Graphic Designer / Illustrator Generalist. If you fail to complete the internship or either one of the parties involved does not wish to continue at any point, we would end the agreement after 3 months (or sooner, depending on the situation).


Further Details

Please apply with your Cover Letter, CV and Portfolio combined in one PDF file.