Backend Engineer – Java

October 25, 2022

Job Description

Please note, this role is only open to applicants based in Europe. We cannot offer sponsorship at this time.

Our cross-functional Engineering teams develop scalable and secure microservices and APIs for the different domains of our product. As** Backend Developer** you are not only individual contributor but support your team with a strong customer-centric mindset and a drive to take on ownership over product capabilities or technical components. Two week sprints based on Scrum help our teams to self-organise their tasks and continuously improve the way they work to deliver value through our products for our customers.

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Well, there are multiple reasons:

  • We have invested a lot in a working environment that allows everyone to thrive. We believe in open access to leadership, transparent communication, personal development and that our world-class team deserves the best software stack money can buy.
  • We’re solving hard engineering challenges at a large scale which requires **creativity **and very strong engineering knowledge.
  • We have a culture of empowered product teams, which means you’re not just executing a roadmap that someone hands to you but you actually get problems to solve. And from that, we value and reward outcomes not just output.
  • We build it, we run it! We are not just building and delivering features, but we also make sure our customers can rely on them. This means we value resilience, a high degree of automation and staying ahead of our customers whenever something goes wrong.
  • We prioritise continuous improvement, collaboration and sharing knowledge. As a product team we also want to continuously improve our products by validating and measuring how users are using them.
  • We value work-life balance, support working remotely or on-site and we believe a well-rested and well-rounded person with interests outside of their job is the best engineer. We offer flexible working hours, so you can adapt your job to your life.


  • Implementation of scalable & secure backend services in Java
  • Design and Implementation of robust GraphQL and REST APIs for our products
  • Continuous Improvement of our architecture, CI/CD pipelines and codebase
  • Agile development according to SCRUM


  • Java & Kotlin using microservice frameworks such as Dropwizard, Quarkus & Micronaut
  • PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka
  • API Technologies such as GraphQL and REST
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Modern CI/CD toolchains, e.g., Github Actions & Ansible, Terraform, Testcontainers
  • Monitoring & Alerting, e.g., Instana, Azure App Insights, PagerDuty
  • Find out more about our stack


We are looking for someone who likes to:

  • Solve problems and deliver customer value
  • Ship code daily
  • Take ownership and drive topics
  • Build state-of-the-art & high quality user interfaces
  • Work in a product and customer focussed team


  • 2 to 4+ years working experience
  • Working proficiency with Java
  • Working experience with modern tools and practises
  • Open communication style

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