Account Manager at a Fast-Growing Amazon Agency

October 26, 2022
$40000 - $55000 / year

Job Description


  • paid for your own stuff as a teenager and take 100% accountability for your wins and losses
  • take pride on the work you do, if it has your signature then it must be done right
  • know there’s light at the end of the tunnel and act calm in the face of adversity, this attitude relaxes others and makes them trust you
  • are never afraid about the statement: to be reliable
  • see obstacles as opportunities to become better, exhibiting a growth mindset
  • like order: you always put the cap back on the toothpaste tube after washing your teeth
  • would rather work with David instead of Goliath
  • have vast experience in working with clients and selling on Amazon


  • …really care about our team; the soul of this company is our people, and we value every single member of the team
  • …believe that the internet is shaping how we work and how products are sold, we prefer to adapt instead of fighting it. Ecommerce is here to stay
  • …are deep subject matter experts on all things
  • …care more about your values and intelligence than your experience
  • …are committed to creating a team dynamic that fosters empowerment rather than entitlement
  • …don’t tolerate mediocrity. The only way we know is to always be in it to win it
  • …strive to be the #1 Amazon Agency in the world, we are obsessed with being the best

Our Values:

  • Give a sh!t
  • Say it as it is
  • Always-improving learning machine
  • Be obsessed with serving others
  • Do your best and expect the best from others

About AMZ Clever:

We manage awesome brands on around the world since 2015. We are a fully remote team in 9 different countries helping clients from all over the world. We work with brands that have made it to the Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies list; listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange; and very exciting product startups. When companies think of winning on we want them to think AMZ Clever.

The Opportunity:

If you’re reading this far it means you take your work seriously and you align with our values.

Our agency is growing fast and we’re hiring for a conscientious Amazon Account Manager that is reliable and has a good eye for detail to contribute to this growth

You’ll be part of a well-organized team with strong systems in place. An organization that recognizes your talents and wants you to continue growing for as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Establish targets according to client sales and growth goals on Amazon
  • Design a plan to achieve such targets, execute it, and routinely monitor such it. This role is highly dependent on retaining clients by showing them growth and progress
  • Produce internal reports about each managed account’s performance as well as external reports to present to the client
  • Point of contact for client communications, questions, requests, suggestions, etc.
  • Design, deploy, and manage a KW strategy for each client product on Amazon, including KW tracking and identifying new KWs to rank
  • Design, deploy, and manage Amazon Advertising “PPC” (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, etc.)
  • Manage stock forecasting, restocking, inventory planning for products in the catalog as well as new products
  • Build and manage Amazon Product Catalog flat files for each managed account
  • Manage marketing projects such as the creation of EBC, Storefronts, Video ads, Listing images, etc.
  • Help with the creation of standardized procedures to perform tasks above as well as involvement in team dynamics

Required Qualifications:

  • Proven work experience in Amazon selling, either as a seller or working with clients
  • Proven work experience inside a marketing agency in roles requiring interaction with clients
  • Proven work experience in project management
  • Proven work experience utilizing Amazon Seller Central
  • Proficient using Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent English level (spoken and written)

A plus if you have:

  • Proven work experience at an Amazon Marketing Agency working with clients
  • Proven work experience utilizing Amazon Seller Central for more than 1 region (e.g. North America + Europe)
  • Work experience inside an international company, dealing with people from different nationalities and cultures
  • Work experience working remote and collaborating with a remote team
  • Fluent in a 2nd language or more

Who we are not looking for:

  • You’re too much of a thinker rather than a doer
  • You’re more of a big picture person than detail-oriented one
  • Messes don’t really bother you
  • You prefer to improvise instead of preparing and then following a system
  • You don’t like spreadsheets
  • You’re unpredictable rather than reliable
  • You don’t want to work from home or remote
  • You can’t stay calm when problems happen but rather become too emotional
  • You’re not coachable
  • You are too fast-paced and therefor miss details because you think it’s better to get it done than to get it right
  • You like to make your own system instead of implementing a system that already works
  • Handling multiple objectives feels like a lot to you


  • 100% work from home/remote
  • Travel and work OR stay home with your family (we really don’t care as long as you do your work. Some time zones may be required)
  • Flexible Hours (4 hours of overlap with daytime hours in Asia per week are needed)
  • Report directly to the executive team
  • We offer competitive compensation
  • Build a career in one of the most relevant industries today, e-commerce is here to stay and we’re in it for the long run
  • 14 days of vacation per year

How to apply:

Answer the 3 questions below in your application:

  • Do you have vast experience working with Amazon Seller Central?
  • Why do you think you’d be the best candidate for this role?
  • Are you 100% willing to work from home/work remote?